However, we knew that there were conditions where our Fusion lines would not be perfect and we knew that there were needs, especially among experienced fly fishers, that our medium length shooting heads could not meet. Henrik Mortensen, being undeniably Danish, knew exactly what to do. Most Danish salmon rivers are narrow, slow and rather deep and the banks are often surrounded with annoying trees and bushes trying to make life difficult for fly fishers.

Rivers like these can also be found in other Scandinavian countries; especially on Iceland, and even bigger rivers will often present vegetation combined with depths that requires fishing with your back literally touching the bushes. Zpey Fusion II Compact became the perfect solution also for these rivers. Shooting heads between 7,5 and 8 meters, the same wonderfully small loops, up to two different densities, lines custom made for specific Zpey rods and poly leaders made to fit different lines to fish different depths. These wonderful lines will allow you to fish almost anywhere, no matter how overgrown and narrow the conditions might be, and to reach any desired depth. When spey casting with Fusion Compact shooting heads, you will find a new world of casting possibilities opening up. You can present your fly with less power, through a variety of casting styles that will keep the line and the fly well away from the already mentioned natural hindrances. Effective and effortless casting means that the fly spends more time in the water, fishing, than being stuck to evil branches, not fishing, and so the chances of catching a fish increase considerably. It's difficult to describe the feelings flowing through your body the instant a fish takes your fly, but they are good ones!

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