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Zpay Precision WF - Floating

kr 700,00

A perfect line when fishing with dryflies, nymphs or small streamers for browntrout, grayling and other fish that require a silent and delicate presentation.

This WF line has been designed to provide precise positioning and delicate presentation while overhead casting at any distance.

Zpey Precision WF features:

  • - Very precise
  • - Tapered to present your flies in an elegant way
  • - Great loop control
  • - Comes with a small loop in each end
  • - Two colored line with a clear loading zone for easy casting

Zpey Precision WF - #3, #4 and #5:

The line classes #3 - #5 have been created to present nymph, dry flies and wet flies very delicately on the surface, tricking any selective trout.

Zpey Shooter WF - #6, #7 and #8:

The line classes #6 - #8 are made with distinctive tapering for distance fishing using larger trout flies and minor salmon flies.

Zpay Precision WF - Floating

Zpay Precision WF - Floating

kr 700,00