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Fly lines are much more important to fly fishing than fly fishers generally believe.  Too many potential fly fishers have gotten their eventual careers torpedoed by bad fly lines. As a billion times zero is nothing, even the best fly rod, combined with a really bad line, becomes a really bad combination. We hope that as many fly fishers as possible will be able to fish with an optimal combination of rod and line and really understand the importance of a good fly line. We are, according to some of our colleagues, annoyingly particular in our never ending hunt for approximate perfection. 
To make life easier for you, we have dedicated every one of our fly lines to specific Zpey fly rods and from Day 1, our starting points have been unequivocal quality demands:

  • Profiles that make our lines easy to cast and easy to present
  • WF lines and running lines with a coating that is extremely slick and very durable
  • Lines with a "strange" lack of memory (no coiling)
  • An assortment of lines adapted to every category of fly fishers
  • And last, but not least: Our fly lines represent future changing innovations that will make your life as a fly fisher easier.

All our WF lines and coated running lines are equipped with a very special coating, ensuring almost extreme shooting capabilities and effortless double hauls, even if you forget to use your fly line cleaner. Our unique combination of core and coating has produced relatively soft lines with an elasticity that effectively prevents "coiling". Our shooting heads, our coated running lines and our poly leaders are all equipped with the absolute smallest, lightest and softest loops on the market. These loops will ensure almost effortless transitions through our different " Loop-to-loop" concepts. We were also the very first to present shooting heads with three densities to the world.

In spite of these innovative details, the profiles, ensuring casting capabilities, turn over capabilities and presentations, will always be the most important characteristic of a fly line, and essential for good fly casting and fantastic fly fishing experiences. Our lines cast beautifully, no matter the distance (at least to a certain extent), turn over frighteningly well and will help you present your flies in just the right way. Imagine your dry fly floating effortlessly towards a huge trout, feel the intoxication of pure adrenaline entering your blood stream when the beast sucks the fly into its mouth and enjoy the exhilarating fight to it's joyful end.