Zpey System started with an inventive Norwegian designing a bent handle to make fly casting easier. This came to be the first functional change of the concept of "fly rods" ever and Zpey entered the fly fishing market closely connected to terms like "innovative" and "quality minded".
Even though the bent handle still is an important part of our visual and functional identity, we are just as focused on rod action, carbon quality, visual design and durability. We cooperate closely with our Korean factory and are extremely patient and quality minded when we design new fly rod series, especially when it comes to rod actions. We want our rods to bend all the way down, our rod tips to be powerful, the stroke lengths to be relatively short and, most important of all, the actions to be as smooth as possible. From this philosophical starting point, we want the rod series to branch in slightly different directions and all the different rods to have their own unmistakable identities.

Through our recent change of fly rod handle material, our single minded focus on new solutions, quality and pure guts is once again brought into the light. We chose a unique mix of cork dust, resin and polyurethane that becomes just as beautiful as Grade 1 cork, but way more durable and providing a much better grip. We also dear to be first rod producer ever to present a light trout rod series with Full Wells handles, just because our functional demands are more important than visual traditionalism.

We have rod series for most kinds of fly fishing and fly lines that are designed for every one of them. We sincerely believe that you will love our beautiful fly rods and we just know that any one of them will give you moments of pure and undiluted joy if you allow them to accompany you to your favourite water. That's what we do, you know: "Develop the joys of fishing".