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Arndt Teubner ( Belgium )

by Zpey # |

Zpey Ambassador. Fly fishing maniac and tackle freak, fishing for more than 40 years, but nowadays only fishing a modest 50 days a year. I live in Belgium next to the Dutch border. So I fill the in-between season days in the summer with trips to the Dutch coast to fish for seabass, shad and mackerel. In the winter I head inland to fish for pike. During trout season you find me in the bellyboat on some large lake fishing for trout or at the borders of some small streams nimfing for trout, grayling and barbell.  My real fishing joy are the weeks I spend at the border of the Skjern Å or Gaula fishing for salmon.

Depending on the fishery I love fishing with:

Zpey Dream catcher II # 3 – 9 ft with Zpey Precision WF Flyline.

Zpey Zalt # 6 – 9 ft with 32lbs zpeed running line and zalt Zhooting head

Zpey Ztealth Zwitch # 7 – 10 ft with 32lbs zpeed running line and zilk compact zhooting head

Zpey Ztealth Ztraight double handed # 8 – 12,6 ft with 50lbs zpeed running line and skagit light head shooting head system

Zpey Ztealth bent handle double handed # 9 – 13,5 ft with 50lbs zpeed running line and hybrid FSS shooting heads