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Henrik Bønnelykke

by Zpey # |

Zpey Ambassador +25 years of fishing and about 80-100 trips a year and fishing primarily for sea trout in Karup Å / Denmark my favorite gear setup for this is:

  • Ztealth Zwitch 10´ 16-18 gram, Epsilon 5Seven reel and Hybrid shootinghead FFI
  • Zpin 9,5´ 5-19 gram.

Have a few trips after salmon each year in Denmark ( Skjern River ) and Norway ( Gaula ) Here my favorites are 

  • Ztealth Zwitch 11´ 20-23 gram, Epsilon 6Nine reel and Zkagit light heads
  • Ztealth 12,6´ 27-30 gram, ZenZ3 reel and Zkagit light heads

In the winter season I fish in the Limfjord after seatrout, for this fishing I use this setup:

  • Zalt 9´ 14 gram, Epsilon 5Seven reel and Zalt mintip
  • Zpin 9,5  5-19 gram.

Henrik also produces fishing videos: