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Jason Corcoran ( Ireland )

by Zpey # |

Zpeyambassador and dealer in Ireland /UK. Born on the banks of one of Ireland's most famous rivers the Munster Blackwater.

Fishing with nearly 40 years and guiding for 25+ years. Not a day goes by that I am not on the river even in closed season to observe salmon behavior.

Having my own fly tackle store and one of the largest fisheries on the Blackwater gives me a gift that so many dream to aquire.

My favourite Zpey set up varies on water conditions and water temperature from the

  • Zpey Ztealth 13,5” #9, Zen reel 8/10, Zpey coated runningline and zhooting heads with int. polyleader and 0.30 Flurocarbon
  • Ztealth Zwitch 11” #9, Phantom Reel 8/9, 18 gram zhooting head
  • Ztealth 12" #10, Zen reel and Zkagit light zhooting heads