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Stefan Borgstrøm ( Sweden )

by Zpey # |

Zpey Ambassador and Ambassador/supervisor for Hökensås Sportfiske. +35 years of fishing and about 80 trips each year. 

My heart beats a little extra for salmon-fishing. I have been fishing at many places and some of my favorites are River Dee and Spey in Scotland, River Laerdal in Norway and The Grand Cascapedia in Canada. 

I also fish for sea trout at the coastline of Sweden. My home water is Hökensås och Baltak where I fish for trout at the lakes and river. 

The setup depends of course on the conditions at the river or lake but I have of course some favorites. 

Salmonfishing: Ztealth Zwitch 11´ 18 gram, Epsilon reel 6/9, Hybrid heads with polyleaders. HMsignature 13´1 30 gram, Epsilon reel 8/10, Fusion shooting heads. 

Seatroutfishing at the coast:  Zalt 9 16-18 gram, Phantom reel 6/7, Zalt minitip head with intermediate polyleader.

Troutfishing: Dreamcatcher II 9 14,5 gram, Phantom reel 6/7, Zpey Precision WF.