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ZPEY - bygget af lystfiskere

Zpey Salt - Single Hand

Zpey Salt - Single Hand

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This is the best rod for seatrout fishing, both in the fjord and on the open coast.

Since Zpey is from Denmark, it was very important to us to create a rod for seatrout fishing on the coast. The main purpose was to craft a long casting rod that could handle even bigger coastal seatrout flies, saltwater trough years of use, perform in wind and heavy weather and still be fun to fight even smaller seatrout on.

It was a great challenge, but we are very proud of the result - The Zpey Salt!

If you combine this rod with our line setup, you will get the perfect flyfishing setup for seatrout fishing on the coast.

Running line: Zpey Speed Line

Shootinghead: Zpey Salt Minitip

Zpey Salt features:

  • Saltwater resistant
  • Performs well in rough weather
  • Excellent line control
  • Deep action
  • Very fun to fight even smaller seatrout with
  • Comes in a rodtube

Zpey Salt, #6 - 14g:

This is the perfect rod if you like to fish for seatrout in the fjord, with lighter tackle and small-medium size flies.

It is also a great and very fun rod for night fishing for seatrout, where the trout often come really close to you. Here short and precise throws can make a huge difference, which lets the #6 Zpey Salt shine.

Zpey Salt, #7 - 16-18g:

This is a perfect all round flyrod for seatrout fishing.

It can be delicate and precise on difficult days, but also handle rough conditions on the open coast. With the #7 Zpey Salt you'll be able to make those long casts and cover lots of water to find the seatrout that you are looking for on the coast.

Bigger seatrout flies is not a problem to handle with this rod.

Zpey Salt, #8 - 18-20g:

If you like the following things, the Zpey Salt #8 is the rod for you:

  • Open coast fishing
  • Sandeel immitation flies and big shrimp immitation flies
  • Rough wind and current
  • Early spring fishing for big seatrot

This rod will help you defy weather, cover a lot of water and go all in for that big chrome seatrout on the open coast.

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