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About us

The History 

Zpey is based on an initial dream of creating a fly rod that would help fly fishers cast better, using less power, resulting in less strain on their bodies. Arve Evensen from Norway spent 3 month on the factory in Korea to develope the first bent handle series in 2005. 

After the very first prototype with the famous bent lower handle saw the light of day, we have all the time sought to come closer to this ambition, but at the same time, we have gradually increased our focus on all the other aspects of fly fishing: The design of fantastic rod actions, the design of new and better fly lines and the design of fly reels, leaders, running lines etc. 

Zpey is currently known as one of the leading manufacturers of fly fishing equipment and we have several of the worlds leading fly fishers, fly casting instructors and fly casters on our Zpey Team. Our primary market is Scandinavia, but we are very active in several other European countries. 

Beginning of 2017 Zpey moved its headquarter to salmon-land. 

With the takeover of our new lodge at Skjern River, it was naturally for us to move our headquarters into the beautiful surroundings of salmon-country. From the 1st of April 2017 Zpey will have its headquarters on Ånumvej 160 in Lundnæs. Only a five minutes drive from Skjern. 

The new location gives us a lot of free space. However, most importantly, it gives us a fantastic opportunity to get daily inspiration and test our new product ideas; right where everything is happening. At the same time we will be close to our customers at all times and listen to their challenges and wishes. Do we even need to tell you that that we would be very thrilled to get a visit from you at the lodge? (But before you come, you should check if we are home. We could be on the road - or at the river). 


"Zpey is the leading manufacturer of fly fishing equipment!"
This vision is our dream; our long term ambitious goal. We have deliberately pledged ourselves towards our customers and our partners.
As the markets leading manufacturer, we will always be in front when it comes to product development and quality. Through these parameters we will ensure happy and satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction will be a central parameter to measure our success. 


"We develop the joys of fishing. Through this, we help both beginners and more experienced fly fishers take their game a little further".
We are dedicated, idealistic and when it comes to innovative development, we will always be in pursuit of the important details that will help fly fishers of every category.
All of us working for Zpey are passionate about fishing and we all share the sentiment that fishing should be fun and easily accessible to everyone. 

It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice, if you have dabbled a few years in fishing, if you are really good at it or if you consider yourself an expert. Zpey will offer products that will help you improve, that will lead you to fantastic experiences and that will increase your joy of fishing. 


At Zpey, we have agreed upon three important values. These values will help us work in accordance with our mission. 

The values are: Passion - Result Orientation - Team Orientation - Passion

Our own passion for fishing will help us understand the needs of sports fishers of different kinds and thus help them get better. Our passion shall permeate every aspect of every project that can help you enjoy fishing more. 

Result Orientation 
We will always focus on a structural approach to every challenge we meet, we will always hunt for new and innovative solutions andd we will always see possibilities in stead of limitations. 

Team Orientation
 We believe that working together as a unit will make us stronger. We are all driven by the same values and passions and we are united in our approach to innovative development. By working together as a team, we create joy; joy among ourselves and joy for our customers. Joys of fishing.