Fluorocarbon som forfang  - Hvorfor?

Fluorocarbon as tippet – Why?

We have received a lot of inquiries as to when people should choose fluorocarbon or nylon tippets. And not least, why the more expensive fluorocarbon material is a better tippet in most situations.

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Below, we will outline the advantages of carbon tippets and bring our recommendation as to when it’s better to use a nylon tippet instead.

Characteristics of a fluorocarbon tippet:

  • Rigid material
  • Transparent under water
  • Sinks in the water column
  • Long durability
  • Less elastic than nylon
  • Expensive

Fluorocarbon is more rigid than nylon and will consequently be better at turning the fly correctly in the air and make a more beautiful presentation. This is why a fluorocarbon tippet makes life easier for the fly fisher.

One of the many qualities which made the material popular, is that it is more transparent in water compared to a classic nylon line. Thus making it harder for e.g. shy trout to see through your setup.

It´s important to check that your fluorocarbon has a good knot strength. Cheaper fluorocarbon will distinct itself by being weaker exactly here.

Fluorocarbon has a heavier density than water hence sinking in the water column. This is a great quality for the kind of fishing we know, which takes place with wet flies. As soon as you want to fish below the water column, the fluorocarbon is a great choice.

The material is expensive as the manufacturing process is costly, but it lasts longer as it isn’t weakened in sunlight and is more resistant.

However, we recommend frequently running your fingers through the fluorocarbon tippet to feel if it is worn out. If it´s the case you should replace it.

Furthermore, you should check knots and the general condition after catching big fish. We always tie new knots after engaging one of the bigger salmons or sea trout.

Characteristics of a fluorocarbon tippet:

  • Soft material
  • Can easily be seen under water
  • Floats in water
  • Low expenses

Nylon tippets are not always a poor choice, but can contradictory be a better choice than fluorocarbon in some situations.

For fishing sea trout at nighttime, you often fish fully or partly with floating flies, which want to move just below or above the surface of the water. Thus making nylon tippets the best tippets for this exact type of fishing as it helps the fly stay high in the water column, in opposition to a fluorocarbon which would drag down the fly.

The nylon tippet is also the right choice for classic dry fly fishing so that the heavier fluorocarbon tippet doesn’t drag down the dry fly into the deep.

Whether fluorocarbon or nylon makes the best tippet therefore depends on the situation you find yourself in. You are as always welcome to contact us at Zpey, should you have any questions in relation to your tippet.

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