Sæsonafslutning på Skjern Å

Season finale at Skjern River

The season of 2020 has come to an end at Skjern Å. Once again, it has proven to be a fine season with 1671 salmons being caught. This year’s average was slightly less than the previous ones as it settled on 5.56 kg. This must be seen in relation to the remarkable amount of grilse which has influenced this year’s catching rates. Our hope remains that the summer salmons will show up just as strong in numbers in the year to come.

The Catch of the Year goes to Jakob Schulz on the 24th of July, as he truly caught a monstrosity of a salmon being stunningly 123 cm. long with a weight of the magical 20 kg

The Committee of Water Care under SÅS led by Torben Thinggaard has during the season made fantastic work at the river with the help of local volunteers and cooperation across local municipalities and landowners. Through 2020 spectacularly 1469 tons of stone and gravel have been laid out!

One of the greater projects has been establishing one of Denmark´s biggest spawning grounds in collaboration with Borris Association of Anglers in Vorgod River. With an entirety of 25 meters x 50 meters, it takes up a lot of space and we expect that the salmons will claim their new ‘playground’ already this year – it will be an exciting process to follow in the years to come!



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