Zpey Zpin er tilbage på lager

Zpey Zpin is back in stock

Through a number of years, Torben Smedegaard and Andreas Lyngø from Zpey developed and thoroughly tested a spinning rod in our own spinning series called ‘Zpey Zpin’

The vision for Torben and Andreas were to create a rod which was designed for Scandinavian fishing after sea trout and salmon. A rod, which could perform and meanwhile be fun using while fighting fish.

They spend numerous hours testing the fishing rod together, which resulted in a close comradery and not least the fishing rods that we sell in our webshop and through our retailers today.

Here you can see one of Torben and Andreas’ many trips testing the rod:

The popularity of the rod has exceeded all expectations, which unfortunately resulted in the rod being out of stock.

We can now happily announce, that our storehouse is once again filled with Zpey Spinning rods in all categories.

Find Zpey Zpin here: https://zpey.com/products/zpey-zpin

Zpey Zpin is available in many different variations.

Zpey Zpin, 5-19 gram & 9,5":

This edition of the Zpey Zpin is developed for seatrout fishing on the coast or in the fjord with sandeel spoons and bombarda floats.

This is a magnificent rod for fishing sea trout in a river, as the 9,5 feet helps you reaching out of the grass and getting the end of the rod close to the surface of the water, without you getting backpains after a whole day of fishing.

Weight: 176g


Zpey Zpin, 7-28 gram & 10,5":

The all-round version of the Zpey Zpin series. A lovely and light weapon for fishing salmon in a river and sea trout at the coast. Enjoy the contentment of a 10,5 feet spinning rod that is light, thin and a pleasure to use in both rivers and outer coast waters.

Weight: 187g


Zpey Zpin, 15-50 gram & 10,5":

This rod is all in on catching great salmons. We developed it in deep waters while fighting massive salmons to ensure the capabilities of the rod could endure the hardships of fishing.

Weight: 194g

Find all available rods here: https://zpey.com/products/zpey-zpin

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