ZPEY LODGE is by far the most cozy fishing lodge and bed and breakfast in Denmark. It is located in the heart of Salmon-country, only 400 meters from Skjern River and some of the country´s best fishing-sites ( For example Albæk Bridge. Long story short: Heaven on earth for passionate anglers - and with all the facilities and possibillities that is required to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Also in-between your hunt for salmon.

The lodge is located in the old buildings of "Albæk School", by Lundenæs that lies between Skjern and Borris. These magnificent buildings will simultaneously be housing the Zpey headquarter. Here - close to the river, the salmon and the anglers - we will get our daily doses of fresh air and our consistent inspiration for new innovative products. 

This also means, that you as a guest in the lodge, will have access to some of the most skilled anglers of Europe by your side; ready to give you great advice about the fishing conditions at the river and ensure you the best experience possible. Of course you can also get close to our selection of rods, reels and lines, that you will be able to rent to cover your needs in the hunt for Salmon.

If you want to make the experience unique, you are also able to order professional guiding by Zpeylodge

  • 7 rooms with up to 14 beds 
  • Free Wifi
  • Comfy lounge with TV
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen with cooking possibilities
  • A hut for campfire
  • Terrace
  • Closed area of 8000 kvm.
  • Private parking
  • Fly tying station
  • Storage for your fishing equipment
  • Salmon atmosphere
  • Tips and tricks from Zpey experts
  • Rental of Zpey equipment (rods and reels)
  • Professional guiding at Skjern River
  • Put and Take (20 minute drive)
  • Take away – first class from Restaurant stuen th (Hotel Skjern)
  • Beer tasting at Rækker Mølle Bryghus (Should be booked beforehand)
  • Whiskey tasting at Stauning Whisky (Should be booked beforehand)

 You are off course most welcome at Zpey Lodge, no matter which brand you use as an angler.





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