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Hybrid Shootingheads FFI - Single hand

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Cast an eye over the future of fly fishing today

A line that allows you to fish deep as soon as it hits the water and is so easy to lift that it almost feels like a floating line. And one that, while crossing the current, gives you that indefinable feeling of contact – right up to the strike.

Developed in Denmark, this line is crafted for salmon and seatrout fishing under Scandinavian circumstances. The perfect tool for fishing deep and effectively, which will often lead to success.

Zpey Hybrid Features:

- Will fish deep instantly
- Can turn heavily weighted tubeflies
- Easy to lift from the water
- Great control of the flyline
- Demands very little energy to cast with
- Allows you to fish deep and fast at the same time

The Zpey Hybrid is designed for those who are not afraid to take on swampy ground, tall reeds, strong winds and other difficult conditions. Thanks to the special tapering and the floating rear section, you will feel that all of a sudden you can lift much more easily and more precisely. The result? An optimised casting action that demands much less energy.

We actually feel confident enough to state that the Zpey Hybrid is the shooting head of the future for deep fishing. And as it measures just 7.1 metres, you can be sure of an ultra-compact line with truly amazing fishing properties – without it affecting the length of your cast. Quite the reverse! You are likely to notice that you can cast farther and more stylishly than with conventional lines.

Briefly put, the Zpey Hybrid is an innovation of the kind that smashes norms and sets new standards, redfining the joy and passion for the modern fly fisher and caster.


Zpey Hybrid Shootingheads are available for Single and Double hand rods.

Single hand:

Weight: 18 and 20g

Densities: Float/sink1/sink2 - Float/Sink3/sink4 - Float/Sink5/Sink6

Double Hand:

Weight: 23, 27, 30 and 34g

Densities: Float/sink1/sink2 - Float/Sink2/Sink3 - Float/Sink3/sink4 - Float/Sink5/Sink6

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Hybrid Shootingheads FFI - Single hand

kr 300,00